Peter Rogers reaches over 5000 people using #WDYT

Peter Rogers founded his wedding photography business in Stafford in 1947 and it is still a family firm, run by his son Anthony. Now six decades later Peter would be staggered at how the whole industry has changed during the last few years and would be simply amazed that such high quality images can be produced instantly and at affordable prices.

Looking to bring in new customers to Peter Rogers, giving awareness and increasing social followings, Peter Rogers teamed up with #WDYT to offer a canvas wrap with an image of the winners choice.

Using the @staffordTCP feed which showcases Stafford’s local businesses, we asked followers to RT & follow @PeterRogersLtd for a chance to win – the competition received a 12.12% increase in  twitter followers. The competition was also posted on facebook which received 880 reactions, comments and shares, along with being posted on instagram which saw over 100 pieces of engagement.





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