Facebook basics: Definitions and how to’s

Starting out on Facebook as a business can be tough if you don’t have a personal profile. Leading social media agency Social Chain have broken down the platform into definitions and how-to’s to help get you started if you’re new to Facebook.


Definition: Anything published on your page including text posts, photographs, videos and Live Streams.

How To: To create a post go to ‘Write Something’ and type in your copy, add your image or video, choose from the drop down arrow next to ‘Publish’ whether you want to publish now, schedule, backdate or save as draft. When scheduling or backdating, simply choose the date and time for the post and it will be published on your page then.


Definition: The collection of posts from your friends, pages you follow and adverts that are served to you. The timeline is algorithmic so Facebook prioritises what people do and don’t see based on how well they are performing.


Definition: When people share your content onto their timeline so their friends can see it or when a page shares another page’s post so their followers can see it. Shares are the number 1 driver of growth; if you’re aiming to grow, make shareable content.

How To: To share another page’s post onto your page, go to their page and choose the post you wish to share with your followers. Click on ‘share’ and then ‘share to page’, from this choose the page you wish to share onto from the ‘Share on a Page you manage’ drop down menu. Write your copy (if you wish to add any) and then press post.


Definition: When people react to your content. There is a choice of:

  • Like
  • Love
  • HaHa
  • Wow
  • Sad
  • Angry

The reactions not only allow you to monitor how many people have reacted to your post, but how it makes them feel. You can use this data to tailor your future content to get the best reactions out of people.


Definition: How people comment on your post. The comments are full of people’s opinions about everything. They can be useful to gauge how people are reacting to your content and may be full of suggestions on how you can optimise. Focusing on driving comments is great to increase reach; when people comment on your post, often that will place the post in their friends’ timelines.

Live stream

Definition: Live streaming is Live Video hosted on Facebook. There is a comprehensive explanation of Live video and how to Go Live in the other document.


Definition: Facebook insights are the most important part of the Facebook platform for any publisher. They tell you everything you need to know about your historical performance. Using Insights to track your weekly post data is absolutely key to improvement.

How To: To access your page insights simply click Insights at the top of your page. In here you’re able to look at overviews from the week, daily likes, export your data and more.

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