The benefits of localised marketing for big brands

There has been a paradigm shift in marketing for big brands thanks to consumers reliance on using mobile to research, discover and buy brands online.

The relationship between the consumer and larger companies has fundamentally changed with consumers looking for a more authentic and personal connection with the brand, driving marketing strategies to focus on locally targeted social campaigns.

Checking in on Facebook, cooing about a place on Twitter or uploading a picture of an amazing lunch to Instagram and tagging the business essentially gives brands the ‘ok’ to engage with a consumer and deliver a seemingly personal and localised message or campaign at the right place and right time.

As Amish Tolia, Pear’s Chief of Strategy, stated,

[minti_blockquote]“For brands, the key to actively engaging their target audiences is by reaching them within their everyday lives. By connecting with the right consumers at the right place and time, brands are much more likely to make a lasting impact and see a return on investment than they are with generic marketing campaigns.” (Forbes)[/minti_blockquote]

By localising social media marketing brands can become part of a community and get involved in conversations without being obtrusive. Working with store managers and local staff, brands can have an authentic voice to reach customers who may not resonate with national campaigns.

There is no doubt that larger companies are nervous about handing ownership of social channels to store employees, but with time spent on training staff on brand guidelines, the potential return on investment is huge.

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