Stafford embraces the Digital High Street and increases footfall by a whopping 22%

Since implementing the #WDYT campaign in March 2017 Stafford has seen an additional 76 businesses become active on Social Media. This has helped to increase Stafford’s ranking in the Digital Influence Index, moving 79 places from 119th to 40th, making it the only town in Staffordshire that is increasing its Digital Influence

#WDYT has delivered 17 Social Media competitions for retailers in Stafford which have introduced new customers and increased followers. National Chains such as Starbucks, Costa, Pizza Express, Hobbycraft and M&S have created local social media accounts to reach local customers.

Local footfall counters have shown weekly increases in footfall ranging between 6% and 22% for the first time in two years which has been linked directly to the #WDYT campaign.

See how Stafford compares to all other Staffordshire Towns.



David Frost CBE, Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership chairman, said:

“This initiative is a great example of the forward-thinking and innovative attitude of our local businesses.  “It is important to use opportunities such as social media to the full to help create vibrant town centres and make this area a great place to work, live and invest.”

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