Sharing is caring. Why sharing other people’s content on your social channels is win, win for all.

Social media, is called social for a reason… because it’s social. It’s collaborative. A conversation. A two way, three way, multi lane, super high way that gives each individual piece of content the opportunity to reach global audiences almost instantaneously. But to do so, you need audience, and to build audience, you need to make friends. And what better way to make friends on social media than to share? Let’s break it down into three reason’s you should be sharing other’s content on your social channels. We’ll call them each a Win.

Win #1: Become thought leader, style hunter or market maverick in your field in a few clicks.

Rather than being that bore at the dinner party that talks incessantly about their own awesomeness, be that interesting guest who shares the latest article they read, show they saw, or person they met. By sharing other people’s content, not only will you position your business as the master curator of all things new and newsworthy, you’ll also get to piggyback off the quality content put out by larger organisations with more time and resources. Here’s how:


Use a content curating tool:  To help you do this, we recommend using a content curation tool like Feedly or Drumup or Pocket.  These tools make it easy to source relevant news articles, blog posts,  images or infographics and schedule them into your social channels in a few clicks. When you share content, give credit where credit is due (note links above) and add your own bit of insight or reason your audience should read your post. Here is a great guide from Drumup on: How to Curate Content for Your Social Media Pages to Boost Engagement and Save Time

Set up Twitter lists and to follow key influencers in your field that put out great content that you might want to share. This might be from your suppliers, media outlets, relevant bloggers and @heyWDYT!  Have a read of this short article from Small Business Bonfire on: How to Curate Your Small Business Twitter Content with Lists

Search relevant #hashtags and re-share great content you find this way.  What’s up with #Hashtags you ask? Read this overview from Mashable for some demystification.  

Finally – your most precious asset – your customer. Ask for user generated content and share it on. This creates great authentic content and lets your customers feel like stars. More on this later – but have a read of this great overview from Audiense on how retailers are using UGC to boost sales.

Find out how to use #WDYT to do just that.

For more WINS – read the next blog in the series; Sharing. What goes around, comes around.


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