How to get the most from #WDYT – as demonstrated by James of Montpellier

James of Montpellier is a mens’ wear shop located in Cheltenham. According to their Twitter profile (which we love) they know that “shopping for clothes doesn’t come naturally to most men.” They’re local experts because they’ve “been selling high quality clothing to bored, frustrated and impatient men for 3 decades.

They’re doing such a great job with the #WDYT campaign, that we just had to share what they’re up to. Talk about a great example to follow for the best results.

Here’s how they do it (with minimal time and effort): Every day they post a photo of their stunning stock – complete with fantastic styling tips and variation. They tag #WDYT and #Cheltenham. That’s it.

Their posts are beautiful in their simplicity. They know what their customers like, so they take a photo of it and share it every day. Some of our favourites are below.

If you’d like more information about how to get involved, just sign up and we’ll be in touch.

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