Want to get involved with #WDYT? It’s a simple (and quick) three step process

Here’s all you have to do to get involved with #WDYT:

  1. Every day, take a picture of something in your store.
  2. Share the picture on Twitter with #WDYT and your town name (for example: #Cheltenham or #Stroud).
  3. We take care of the rest.

Don’t have a Twitter account? Don’t worry. Here’s a link to our simple guide to setting one up (you’ll be tweeting before you know it).

Unsure about how to take a great photo? We have a how to guide for that as well.

Would you like your customers to help spread the word about your store, too? Here’s how:

  1. Sign up below and we’ll send you free materials to share the campaign with your shoppers.
  2. Pop up your window sticker.
  3. Display your tent cards with your @Twittername at your point of sale.

That’s it. You’ve already started building your digital influence, which will increase footfall to your store and your town.

If you’re still wondering if it’s worth the effort, watch our latest case studies to see just how effective the #WDYT campaign is.

Sign up and get involved today…

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