#WDYT Feedback

We’ve been receiving some wonderful feedback from retailers getting involved with #WDYT. Have a look at what they are saying.

Sarah Horne Flowers

“I love how this campaign allows me to get my products out there to a new audience. I have just started painting beautiful china pieces and by using #WDYT & #LoveLeam I can push my products out through different channels not just my own.”

Anna Burkett from Fabulous

“#WDYT sounds like such a great idea and is so simple to use through social yet gives us the opportunity to reach out to new customers”

Lesley from Danish Wardrobe

“What a wonderful way to share our products that our customers may have never seen before. We definitely will want to get involved.”

Janet from Karabo

“I love the sound of a Retweet to Win and would love to giveaway a pair of Levi Jeans-our most popular product”

Jo Whitby from Arte Cafe

“Why wouldn’t anyone want to get involved with #WDYT. It’s simple, it’s a new opportunity to bring new customers and to give us brand awareness”

Margaret Cavanagh from Neal’s Yard

“We really want to start improving on social media, and the Retweet to Win sounds like a great idea to really boost our engagement.”


See what retailers and towns are saying about #WDYT

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