What the High Street can learn from Amazon

So, Amazon, the world’s fastest growing e-commerce brand, is making a move to the high street. “GO” is to be Amazon’s first venture onto the high street, taking a step away from the digital space and into the physical.

There has been a lot made about the “death of the high street”, but Amazon’s huge investment in opening a bricks-and-mortar store just goes to show that the digital retail giant recognises its importance and the potential it has to offer.

The Amazon GO convenience store offers a range of snacks, foods and bakery goods – things people typically want to pick up fresh. There is limited staff (no checkouts or queues and customers are tracked) and items are scanned through their Amazon accounts and GPS technology.

Although the technology is still in Beta-testing, Amazon is hoping to roll out stores across the US and Europe in 2017.

This new venture shows that Amazon has understands the consumer demand for speed and convenience.

Whilst the high street is continuously written off by some, it is in fact still one of the most preferred ways for many consumers to shop. Indeed by 2020 80% of all retail activity will still occur OFFLINE.

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